Flooded Fields, The BBs at the Cornhall and Lunch at the Village Hall, Eye, Diss and Brome - 3rd February 2013

About 15cm of snow melts almost overnight but has nowhere to go and so promtly floods the fields and rivers of Cranley Green Road in Eye. Then, The BBs are playing at the Cornhall in Diss, and finally it's Sunday lunch at the Brome Village Hall.

next album: Harry Eats, and a Little London Randomness, Suffolk and London - 12th February 2013
previous album: A Bit More Snow, Brome, Suffolk - 25th January 2013

A flooded tree

A different flooded tree

The water gets close to the top of the bridge

Harry, Isobel and Grandad in the Beaconsfield Arms, Occold

Fred looks like he's done something naughty

Isobel and Grandad on the coffee

The Cornhall, laid out with tables

Nosher's gear, ready to go

The band sets up

Henry looks a bit glum behind his kit

Max and his 5-string bass

Max and the 'green room' door

Rob pretends to do a line of gak with, er, tea from an old teabag he happened to have on him

Escher-like staircases

Rob gets some text action

Max looks round as something this way comes

Max and Rob downstairs in the bar

Rob's twanger

In Norwich, another possible casualty of the recession and the internet (maybe)

Clive 'Chickens' and Amelia

Harry - Baby Gabey

Grandad sticks his head in

Clive helps out with the drying up in the village hall kitchen

Fred and Amelia are having some sort of argument

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A flooded tree