A Snowy January Miscellany, Suffolk - 18th January 2013

next album: A Bit More Snow, Brome, Suffolk - 25th January 2013
previous album: Boxing Day in Spreyton and the Chagford Hunt, Devon - 26th December 2012

Harry's blue eyes peer out

Fred plays about with some space-toy in the Stoke Ash White Horse

Some incredibly fascist parking

The derelict building frame on the A140 still sits there, rotting away

Isobel and Fred check out beer mats in The Swan

Harry, Isobel and Fred

Harry goes for a walk

Fred and Harry at the bar, chatting to Alan

Later, the A140 is closed off at the Devil's Handbasic, causing huge delays in the area

The Eye road crossroads

Snow is scooped off the platform at Diss Railway Station

The sun rises over some proper snow

The back garden

The walnut tree

Sun through the oak tree

The weak winter sun rises over the back field

Fred stumps around

Fred and Boris

Fred checks his gloves

Fred's house in the snow

A snowy road

Stunning ice patterns on the greenhouse

The car reckons it's -11°C

Fred's rocket (mostly made by Nosher)

It's not like that arctic, but the snow is over 10cm

Fred bashes snow about

Isobel hauls Fred around on a sledge

The walnut tree against the blue sky

Fred and Isobel on the back field

Fred tries to make snowballs

A snowball fight occurs

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Harry's blue eyes peer out