A Trip to Dublin, Ireland - 14th December 2012

It's the first day or two of a pre-Christmas trip to visit Fred's Irish relatives in Blackrock and Monkstown, in the suburbs of Dublin.

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A Ryunfair 737-800 sits on the apron at Stansted Airport

The traditional Ryanair gate-opening stampede

Fred plays with some of his lego in the lounge at No. 19

Oscar hesitates at the top of Graffiti Bridge

Jamie looks out at the raging sea

A DART train passes by

Fred crosses back over Graffiti Bridge

Fred's at the door

Fred, Analua and Harry - Baby Gabey

Isobel pushes Harry around the streets of Dun Laoghaire

No Parking. Except for silver Peugeot 406s

Bits 'n' Pizza is the lunch stop

Harry's got a little tomato sauce around his chops

Jamie stands outside for a smoke

A woman with a stick passes by the old Dun Laoghaire dispensaries

Isobel, Harry, Jamie and a former colleague of Evelyn's

Christmas lights reflect off a car

More suspended Christmas lights

Down in Dun Laoghaire, there's a real donkey in the Nativity scene

Nice colours in a damp Dun Laoghaire street

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A Ryunfair 737-800 sits on the apron at Stansted Airport