An Office Fire Drill and Bressingham Gardens, London and Norfolk - 6th October 2012

There's a not-very-lifelike fire drill at work on Southwark Bridge Road in London (on account of the bell not actually going off and us being fore-warned). Still, it's a chance to hang around outside for a bit. Then, back in the Norfolk/Suffolk borders, there's a rainbow on a rainy cycle home back from the railway station, and finally armed with season tickets we head over to Bressingham Steam and Gardens for an hour or so.

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People mill around on Ayers Place, just outside the office

The Fire Marshalls check things out

On Union Street, a new bright orange hoarding goes up

More milling around

The signwriter paints an outline around 'Snoopy'

Double rainbow over Stuston golf course

The remains of a double rainbow floats in the air and shines through the power lines near the Devil's Handbasin garage

Harry and Isobel on the Gallopers

A slightly-bizarre Victorian ostrich on the Gallopers

Dim light bulbs

The guard on the back of the train doesn't have much to do

Fred and Isobel roam the Bloom's garden

Tiny purple flowers

Isobel pokes at some pampas grass

Bright orange daisies

More purple flowers

Fred plays hide and seek in a shed

Fred under a bridge...

...and Fred on a bridge

A small steam train trundles past the thatched hut

Conifers in Bloom's garden

The narrow-guage engine gets put away for the night

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People mill around on Ayers Place, just outside the office