Working in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea - 5th July 2012

For the first time since 2008, Nosher's off abroad for work. This time it's to South Korea and the industrial city of Gumi, in Gyeongbuk province. The hotel is in the middle of what amounts to a huge industrial estate made up of a few electronics mega-corporations and a whole heap of small industrial business units. On the up-side, there are a few restaurants on the road and there's a convenience store right opposite which sells beer. Which is just as well, as the local TV is pretty appalling (and it's nothing to do with the language barrier), although as it's generally nine hours in the office followed by two or three catching up with London, it doesn't really matter that much. Besides, there's always BBC 6Music on the internet. Anyway, during the two weeks there, the only real time off is on the two Sundays, but there's a chance for a catch up on the Saturday night of arrival with a beer in downtown Gumi with Chris and Hyosoo. Then, at the end of the visit, the local team take Nosher out for an excellent good-bye session in a traditional Korean restaurant where they proceed to demonstrate most of the local forms of alcohol: Hite beer, Soju (vodka) and Makali (rice wine), or various mixtures of all three. Nosher's plan is to stay up all night afterwards and catch the 6.30am bus to the airport. However, the internet's broken and the TV's awful so it's bed by 2am and up again at 5 for the 25-hour trip home.

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An Air India 777 Heavy trundles on to the stand at Heathrow's Terminal 4

Funky wibbly office blocks near downtown Incheon

At a big bus stop/rest area in the middle of nowhere, some dude attends to his mini doughnut machine

Some dude pushed a wheely cart around

Bright lights in downtown Gumi

Chris and Hyosoo roam around in Gumi

Street food, Gumi style

We walk back to a likely looking bar for a few glasses of Hite and Cass

The urinal in the bogs has a) an ash tray and b) a load of ice in the bottom

Korean signs

Some late-night food emporium

Gumi back street by night

The view from the hotel bedroom window on the first day

The area around the hotel is made up of tons of small businesses like this

Gumi light industrial side street

Some shop near the hotel has a large collection of fans and aair-conditioning pipes on show

A rain storm turns the street into a set from Blade Runner

An oft-frequented Korean-Chinese restaurant, in the rain

The 'Family Mart' opposite the hotel. Source of late-night cans of Cass Red

in the rain, it looks like smoke is billowing out of Samsung's illuminated tower

Anyone who moans about UK 'Digital On-Screen Graphics' (DOGs) should watch Korean telly. The film 'Source Code' is going on in here somewhere.

Wasteland-cum-lorry-park around the back of the hotel

Folorn-looking building

Nosher's dinner one night: seafood, noodles and a bottle of Hite beer

The lit-up tower of the eMart watches over the surrounding wasteland like the eye of Sauron

More hotel street life

The lads take Nosher out for a feed in a traditional Korean restaurant

Nosher and Tae Kyoung

Doing the 'victory' sign seems big in Korea

Nosher and the team

Chips waves

Cheers to another slug of Soju (Korean vodka)

Back in the hotel: the bag contains a 'fire escape' (a rope). The small window is the only one that opens. The room is on the 8th floor. Hmm.

The Gumi Century Hotel room

Gumi's bus station at 6.00am

The shiny new airport at Incheon

The rain lashes down on the apron at Incheon airport

In the terminal, there's a spot of classical/pop music

Elsewhere in the terminal, a re-enactment of a visit by the ancient Korean royal family takes place

Traditional korean dudes

The traditional dudes are well and truly papped

The procession wanders off

It's a surprise that Apple hasn't sued this company already (Intelligent Public Access Defibrillator, aparently)

Nosher's plane waits on the soggy tarmac

Back home: Diss railway station

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An Air India 777 Heavy trundles on to the stand at Heathrow's Terminal 4