Plymouth Aquarium and the Barbican, Devon - 10th June 2012

It's time for a trip to Devon, so Fred can see his rellies in Chagford and Spreyton and everyone can get to meet Harry the baby, a.k.a Mister Cheese. After a night at a Holiday Inn outside Exeter and another with Sis and Matt in Chagford, we decide on the spur of the moment to get a hotel room on Coxside, opposite Sutton Harbour and the Barbican in Plymouth. From there, we explore the nearby National Aquarium and the rest of the Barbican, before returning to Chagford via a drive over the moor.

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Isobel and Fred wander through the Lychgate at Chagford church

Fred and Isobel wander down the path past the churchyard

Fred, Harry and Grandma J

Grandma J's lounge

Mister Cheese kicks off

The Barbican

A 1952 Ice Cream van on the Barbican

Café tables on the Barbican

Fred looks at the mural on Cap'n Jaspers, featuring the late John Dudley

Fred gets a go on some dude's motorbike

Fred has a go at pushing the ball

The nearby cake shop staff come out for a photo

Fred points at a fish in the pavement

Fred makes Lego in the Ship Inn, as Isobel looks on

The Coxside Premier Inn hotel room

A shark and a ray in Plymouth Aquarium

Fred helps out with one of the demonstrations

Fred the Head

Isobel does some texting as Fred has a slurp

Stripey fish

A lifeboat tows a boat back to the harbour

The Red Ball has moved along the Barbican

We stop for a proper pasty at the Barbican Pasty shop

A road too narrow for cars has double yellow lines on it

Fred stands by the wall near the aquarium

A tangle of fishing boats, on Coxside

A pile of old nets, and some derelict machinery

Later, up on Dartmoor near Princetown, a runner is close to the end of a 32 mile slog

The gloom that is Dartmoor Prison

Fred has a doze in the back of the car

A Dartmoor scene

A pub on the moor

A Dartmoor roadblock with sheep

Matt (right) gets the beers in at the Globe in Chagford

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Isobel and Fred wander through the Lychgate at Chagford church