Ikea and a May Miscellany, Suffolk and London - 7th May 2012

Nosher, Isobel and Fred finally summon up the nerve to head down to Ikea in Thurrock - something normally best avoided on any time other than 3pm during a non-school-holiday working week. Then (several weeks later) The BBs are playing at the George and Dragon in East Harling. Finally, Fred gets a playhouse built in the garden.

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The Ikea car park

Fred pulls a face

Isobel makes a note of something

Fred tests some beds out

Fred sits on a trolley in the Ikea warehouse

Walking around on trolleys

On a Thursday bike ride, The Boy Phil has to pump his tyre up

Professor Ted Briscoe (centre, front), of the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, comes in to SwiftKey's London offices to do a talk

Isobel creates possibly her best cake yet

Max has got a lampshade on his head, at the George and Dragon

A stuffed dear head in the George and Dragon

Rob and Henry gas about stuff

A candle lights the conversation

Rob makes use of the Green Room's artwork to hang his trousers up

The remains of The BBs' dinner in the George's kitchen

Millie the Mooch pokes around in the garden

Fred on his slide

Nosher and Grandad build Fred's house

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The Ikea car park