Sue and DH's Birthday Thrash, Stradbroke, Suffolk - 31st March 2012

It's Sue's 40th and DH's 50th, so they combine birthdays to hold a joint thrash at Stradbroke Community Centre. There's a fancy-dress theme of Film or TV, and there's a good turn out, including Marc's Heath Ledger version of The Joker. Nosher sticks on a full-length leather coat and a pair of shades and rocks up (thanks to a lift from Bernie the Bolt) as Neo out of The Matrix.

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Mick, Bernie, John Willy and Jill

Marc in a very convincing Joker get-up

Sue stands by the chip van

DH, as Steed out of The Avengers, looks at photos

Gail and Nigel as Pink/Floyd

The Brome village massive

Al, Matthew, Sylvia and Guv

Someone does some Irish dancing

Dancing along to The Harvs

Jon 'Ninja M' and The Boy Phil

Martina, Wavy, Rachel, Guv and Mikey P

Mikey P gets down and dances

Alfie Elliot puts in a request for some Hard Trance choonz

Party guests

Sophie and Alfie do some dancing

DH checks his photos again

Kelly and Andrew

Mary Poppins (Sue's sister) dances

Suey and Marc

The Harvs

A room full of dancing

Mikey P, Jackie, Andy, Jen and Simon

Guv and The Boy Phil

Alfie Elliot again

Marc hands the cakes out

More party frocks

Marc and Dave Lock as Austin Powers

Dancing queens

Marc and Sue dance

Sue takes a break

DH gives Sue some flowers

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Mick, Bernie, John Willy and Jill