A Few Hours in Southwold, Suffolk Coast - 27th December 2011

Southwold is one of our favourite places, so it's only fitting that we make a post-Christmas visit for a couple of hours to see and hear the sea, and have a snack in an on-pier café. Fred's also very keen to poke around on the sand - and at one point even makes the suggestion that he takes off all his clothes and goes for a swim. On the way back, there's a very brief stop at Walpole to finally (after several years) get a photo of the old Post Office, which still has a few old "Lyons Teas" banners in the window.

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Multi-coloured bins on the seafront

A lone windsurfer braves the elements

Fred trundles past a deliveries-only entrance: discover the pier - 623 feet of fun!

A nice table-top mosaic of a red gurnard in one of the pier cafés

A dog with a very pink coat on

The copper coins thrown on to the pier bollard for 'good luck' are turning to verdigris

Fred peers through the window as he awaits his ice-cream

Isobel and Fred 'do lunch'

The entrance to the pier lit up by a string of bulbs

Fred gets on to the sand

Walking underneath the promenade

Fred eats his free cone

Fred on the beach

Southwold pier. Fred watches a game of catch

Isobel waves a mitten

Knotted orange rope

Paint from a yellow line crumbles away

The café we were in gets an extension

Isobel and Fred lob stones in to the sea

Fred stares at the waves

Isobel takes some video on her 'C90 cassette'

A very pink spade handle is discarded on the beach

Southwold Pier and a neon 'amusements' sign

The beach huts are lined up against the sea wall on the edge of the car park

In Walpole, the old Post Office advertises Lyons Cake and Lyons Tea

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Multi-coloured bins on the seafront