Christmas Eve Singing, Diss, Norfolk - 24th December 2011

It's Christmas Eve in Diss. One of Isobel's "mommy" gang is singing in a group called "Discord", who are entertaining the last-minute Christmas shoppers in Diss on the Saturday morning. We also pop in to Browne's the butchers to pick up a Christmas order, where Fred gets an unexpected visit from Santa...

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Fred has a bath (yes, it has to happen sometimes)

Fred sticks some money in to Em's money box

The leader of 'Discord' talks to the crowd

Singing action

A dude in a hat holds up a sign saying 'sing louder'

Fred's got his 'tomato ketchup' face on

The Diss town sign

The Boy Phil's parents appear

The regular Saturday busker does his thing outside the old Revolution Records

Dan Dan the Biscuit (or Meat) man gives Fred a lollipop

In Browne's the Butchers

Fred gets an unscheduled visit from Santa in the butchers

Santa heads up St. Nicholas Street with his bag of meat

Nosher likes to think that the owner of this mobility scooter was responsible for the damage to the window

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Fred has a bath (yes, it has to happen sometimes)