Final Night and the Journey Home, Mallorca, Spain - 18th August 2011

It's the last day in Soller, Mallorca (for Nosher, at least, who's leaving a day early to fly to New Jersey for a wedding). There's another evening of food - Nosher rustles up some rich tomato and (separately) serrano carbonara pasta for the masses, which is sweaty work in the extremely hot kitchen. There's also the traditional spot of ukulele from Noddy. The journey back starts at 5.30am and it's car to Palma, plane to Gatwick, train to Victoria, tube (underground/subway/metro) to Paddington, train to Heathrow, plane to Newark (via Massachussetts) and finally a taxi to the Hotel.

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Fred models a large floppy hat

Evelyn and Fred poke around in the town-square fountain

The rather grand setting of the local branch of Santander

The south-Mallorcan Massive come over for the night

Noddy, Wayne, Jamie and Chuck

Noddy gives a little ukulele recital

Somewhere over Mallorca

Soller, and Port Soller in the background.

Back over the UK, a river somewhere in East Sussex

Some country pile coming in to Gatwick

Gatwick Airport on final approach

Graffiti on the line in London

Passengers pile out of the gates at Paddington

'Flash' leaves their tag on a wall near Paddington Station

More graffiti by the railway line on the way to Heathrow

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Fred models a large floppy hat