A Mini June Miscellany, London and Suffolk - 14th June 2011

Isobel and Fred tag along with Nosher on his railway-based commute up to "that there London". Upon arrival at Liverpool Street, they head off for a day poking around Peckham or the London Transport Museum whilst Nosher cycles off to work. Later in the day, we meet up at Tas Pide Turkish restaurant, almost opposite the Globe Theatre near Southwark Bridge for a spot of food with Isobel's brother Noddy and friend Abby. Later, there's a thursday bike ride to the reopened Six Bells at Gislingham.

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Noddy and Isobel in a Turkish restaurant

Abby takes Fred around for a stroll

A waitress takes a photo of Noddy, Isobel, Fred, Abby and Nosher

Noddy heads off up Southwark Bridge Road to catch a bus, taxi or something to get to the airport

Fred has a laugh at Liverpool Street Station

A very pastoral scene at Mellis

Colin looks on as Alan, The Boy Phil and Paul discuss the day's news

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Noddy and Isobel in a Turkish restaurant