The BBs at the Park Hotel, and New Year Southwold, Norfolk and Suffolk - 1st January 2011

The BBs play a New Year's Eve gig at the revamped Park Hotel, and get fed into the bargain too. It's a good night - a few orders of magnitude better than the last Christmas gigs we played there a few years before - and the black-tie crowd gets up and dances about. The following day, the return of The Van (having been out of action for a while due to hydraulic clutch failure) is celebrated by taking it on a trip to Southwold.

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The stage is set at the Park Hotel

The Green Room

Henry, Rob and Max hang out

Isobel and Wilma

Wilma and Max

A table-hopping magician does his thing

The band in action

Isobel, Jo and Wilma freak out on the dance floor

Crowd action

Wilma and Rob look on as Isobel shows off her Jimmy Choos

Henry, Isobel, Max and a bit of Rob

Auld Lang Syne and all that

In Southwold, Fred has a go on one of Tim Hunkin's 'under the pier' inventions

A woman has a go at 'whack a banker'

Fred gets his wellies on

Southwold Pier

Isobel and Fred in the van

A sad-looking dog on the promenade at Southwold

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The stage is set at the Park Hotel