Mostly Christmas: A miscellany, Suffolk and Norfolk - 28th December 2010

A round-up of Christmas (pre, post and during) miscellany, including sledging in Diss Park, a cookie exchange at Banham Zoo, Christmas Day up the pub and a trip to Norwich

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Nosher hauls The Boy around on a sledge in Diss Park

Fred is overwhelmed by his sledging experience

The lads in Browne's the Butchers

The cats leave a delightfull present outside the back door

Later, we buy a monster fish and boil the head up for stock

At Banham zoo, a cookie exchange occurs in the sub-zero temperatures

Isobel mills about

A couple of Llamas look out

A swarming throng of cockroaches

A lizard on a stick

Fred is a little worried about meeting Santa Claus

Fred meets Santa, timidly

The road to Banham

Fred roams about St. Mary, Thrandeston, dressed in a lion costume

Fred runs about at the Thrandeston Carol service

Fred scopes out the Carol sheet

Martina and Wavy pop over for a bit of broadband access

Wavy and Oak (the baby Oak)

Boris the cat comes over to watch Fred opening pressies

On Christmas day, Fred gets a new train set

Isobel, Fred and Nosher walk over to the pub on Christmas morning

Isobel and Marc in the pub

It's 'creche corner' in The Swan

Mikey P joins the throng

Clare and Sue have a gas

Fred shows off his new train

Marc waves as John and Arline sit at the bar

Fred runs about in the leaves

Fred the Head

Isobel waits

Millie the Mooch tries out her new 'cat fun tunnel'

Fred and Isobel have Christmas dinner

Fred sticks a hat on

Isobel sets fire to the pudding with a large slug on flaming brandy

Isobel in the nave of Norwich Cathedral

A stained-glass window

The nave of Norwich Cathedral

Fred stumps about in the cloisters of Norwich Cathedral

A classic view of Norwich Cathedral

Isobel and Fred in the cloisters

An alternative view of the cathedral spire through a cloister arch

Fred gets a bedtime story

Out for a walk on Knettishall Heath, near Thetford

A spot of Knettishall woodland

Fred has a splash in a puddle

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Nosher hauls The Boy around on a sledge in Diss Park