Hell's Gate National Park, Naivasha, Kenya - 5th November 2010

After our night of Kenyan pizza, Tusker beer and "camping" in a hut by Lake Naivasha, Will gets hold of a bunch of bikes so we can cycle around Hell's Gate National Park, just up the road from the lake and one of only two parks in Kenya where walking or cycling are permitted. Nosher's bike barely makes it up driveway to the park entrance before the chain snaps, and so an alternative bike is sourced. From there, it's a nice cycle around (although the bike doesn't exactly fit) and we get to see a bit of the local wildlife: giraffes, warthogs, gazelles and numerous birds. We park the bikes at the ranger station and then head off for an energetic but rewarding hike through the gorge and generally get shown up by the hordes of school kids out for a ramble who clamber up and down the rocks and trees like there's nothing to it. At the end, we return the bikes and drive back to Nairobi.

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Wil and Isobel cycle around near Fischer's Tower at the Elsa Gate entrance to Hell's Gate

Isobel nearly misses the giraffe poking about in the trees

A large eagle or falcon surveys the scene

We clamber down in to the gorge

The going is tricky and wet in places

Years of graffiti carved in to the sandstone

The gorge is characterised by fine identifiable layers of seasonal sedimentary deposition

Will and Isobel in the gorge

Isobel pauses with a group of school children

On the way back, a large crowd of schoolgirls waits for us to pass through

One of the boys seems to have taken a shine to Isobel

A lad fills his bottle with hot water from a thermal spring

Isobel takes an impromptu shower

Inspecting the warm water

Nosher and Isobel back on top of the gorge

Will is nearly overwhelmed by dust from a passing van

Another pause on the bikes

Back on the road, we stop off outside Mai Mahui for some authentic roadside grub

More Mahui streetlife

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Wil and Isobel cycle around near Fischer's Tower at the Elsa Gate entrance to Hell's Gate