Bill and Carmen's Barbeque, Yaxley, Suffolk - 21st August 2010

Bill and Carmen host a barbeque around their gaff in Suffolk, and there's a spot of waffle making at Taptu in Cambridge

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previous album: The First Proper Campervan Trip, Norfolk - 15th August 2010

Crowds mill around in the garden

Mikey-P gives Matthew a bit of a turn-over

Later on, Bill waves around some juggling clubs

Someone steals Nosher's camera and takes a photo of Carmen

Back in the garden, we annotate The Van with magnetic letters (a chunk of it was bought with wedding-gift contributions)

Nosher plays a bit of git box

Over in Cambridge, Brett desperately tries to clean off James' new waffle iron, having overloaded it

Brett reveals the sticky mess



Crowds mill around in the garden