The Day After, Suffolk - 4th July 2010

It's the day after the wedding, and although several of the guests gave already split, there are still a few milling around for breakfast at the Cornwallis. Following that, there's a bike ride over to the Thornham Four Horseshoes for some beers and lunch, and then a final meet-up in the Cornwallis' conservatory for several bottles of nicely-chilled vino...

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Rowan and Fred roam around looking for food

Sean hangs around

Caroline and Neil

Fred the Head and Evelyn

A crowd of cyclists and hangers-on at the Four Horseshoes

Martina and Oak

Fred with Louise

Phil takes a photo in the thatched church at Thornham Parva

Cyclists return via Thrandeston

Isobel on a bike

In the evening, Wayne picks up some ukulele tips from Noddy

Evelyn and Isobel

A swirl of lights surrounds Isobel

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Rowan and Fred roam around looking for food