Oak's Introduction Barbeque and Fred, Stuston and Brome, Suffolk - 14th June 2010

This first roll of black-and-white film to be self-processed since Sis's wedding in 2003 nearly didn't make it as it was only when pouring developer in to the tank that the realisation occurred that a vital light-blocking part was missing. So, the first few frames were destroyed and there's a bit of fogging around the edges of some, but it all adds to that analogue atmosphere. It also goes to show that you can keep film in the fridge for at least five years without any apparent damage. Anyway, the photos are mostly of a barbeque round Wavy and Martina's house to introduce the baby Oak, plus some of Fred doing his thing in the lounge.

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Isoble watches Fred potter around

Fred and Isobel play footie

Wavy's caravans

The Boy Phil, Wavy, Mikey P and the gang mill around

Ninja M, Paul and Claire

The Boy Phil takes it easy

Fred stuffs food in to his face

Martina, Oak and Fred

Guv holds on to a sprog

Clare and Mikey P head off

Isobel, Clive and Suzanne stroll down from Oakley Church after reading Banns

Fred eats some cheese puffs

Fred in the lounge

Fred roams around

Fred hangs on to a plastic bottle

Fred is a ghostly motion blur

Fred looks out of the window

Fred pokes around with the other camera

Fred on the sofa

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Isoble watches Fred potter around