January Miscellany and Moonlight Photos, Suffolk - 1st January 2010

It's the New Year, and as Isobel and The Boy are still over in Ireland, Nosher heads out with the gang to the Hoxne Swan, and then back to the Brome Swan, for a quiet night playing dice for Easter Egg draw tickets (getting in a bit early). Then, it's down to Diss to see a frozen Mere and eat a sausage. Finally, it snows again, so there's a chance for a bit of moonlight camera action

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A couple of 'moon dogs' - partial night-time rainbows

Marc makes a tiny snowman

The pub massive

There's tension in the dice arena

Sue adds to Marc's snowman collection

Marc waits for stuff to occur

Sue and The Boy Phil roam around outside in a snowball fight

Moonlit car and shed

Moonlight over a snowy field. The constellation Orion is right of centre

Nosher leaves a message for his girl on the bonnet of the car

The back garden under moonlight looks like daylight

A Phuzzy (pheasant) roams the garden

A duck trots about on the frozen Mere

It's a feeding frenzy as the gulls kick off

More gull action

His 'n' Her quack-ducks stand on water

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A couple of 'moon dogs' - partial night-time rainbows