A Trip to Banham Zoo, Norfolk - 22nd November 2009

Nosher, Isobel and The Boy decide to head off to Banham Zoo for something to do on a grey Sunday (Isobel and The Boy are season-ticket holders). It's a nice few hours of animal gazing, before a torrential downpour cuts short the trip and we leg it for the car.

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A glum-looking chimp

A couple of penguins go for a stroll

Pingu's got a stick

Sealions frolick

Fred's favourite black-and-white monkeys

Fred chuckles

Fred and Isobel on the train

A meerkat in a tree. Simples!

A cheetah paces about

A giraffe has a nibble

Isobel and The Boy in Eye Town Hall, for a craft fair

Demolishion commences at the old Batrums site on the edge of Diss

Barbed wire around Bartrums

Barbed wire and string

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A glum-looking chimp