Hallowe'en Fred, Monkstown, Co. Dublin - 30th October 2009

A random round-up of Fred the Head in Essex, Spain and Dublin: firstly, Fred pokes about "In the Night Garden" at Jimmy's Farm festival in Essex; next, Fred and Isobel are over in Illetas, near Palmanova in Mallorca as Nosher is on an astronomy residential. Then, we're over in Dublin - Nosher just for a couple of days, but Isobel and The Boy stay over for the following week. Fred dresses up as a "skellington" to scare the neighbourhood.

next album: Steve Hackett at the UEA, Norwich - 15th November 2009
previous album: Norwich Beer Festival and Apple Picking, Norfolk and Suffolk - 26th October 2009

Fred's 'In the Night Garden' at Jimmy's Farm

Fred sticks his tongue out

Fred by the pool in Mallorca


Classic holiday sunset shot

Fred in his linen threads

Nosher hides behind a RuinAir boarding 'card'

Julie and Mrs. D

Evelyn, Philly and The Boy

Noddy and Abby

Louise and Fred as a 'skellington'

A star-ey-eyed Fred and Isobel in Monkstown

Some scary things outside next-door's house

A glum-looking fancy-dress boxer dog

Fred shows surprise

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Fred's 'In the Night Garden' at Jimmy's Farm