August Miscellany: The BBs and Nosher's Dad and Niece Visit - 24th August 2009

The BBs have a gig over in Stradbroke; Nosher and Isobel visit Wavy and see Boris the Kitteh's brother Morac ("Stripey Cat"); finally Nosher's dad and niece Emily come over to visit for the weekend.

next album: The Eye Show and the Red Arrows, Palgrave, Suffolk - 31st August 2009
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Rob twiddles some knobs

The other band on the bill do their sound check

Pete and Max have a laff outside

Boris the Kitteh explores the dishwasher

Fred the Head in his ineractive DJ box

Over near Wavy's, we eat a spot of maize

Wavy's cabin takes shape

Morac - Boris's brother - creeps around in the grass

Morac freaks out on Wavy's lap

Noughts and crosses with rocks

I iz in ur wine rack, drinkin ur wine

Isobel and The Boy with his new toddle truck

Fred stomps around the garden with his trundle truck

A Dutch-style barrel organ by the Mere in Diss

Organ ornament

Emily and The Old Chap pick elderberries

Elderberry picking: it's fiddly work

Fred the Head

The Old Chap, plus hat, wander about

Derelict building

Blackberry picking in the hedges near Church Farm

Abandoned farm equipment

Fred gets a pine cone from somewhere

Emily chucks sticky burrs on to Isobel

Isobel helps pick sloes

Bright red flower buds

Cracked earth

A lone ladybird trundles around the dry earth

Emily and Isobel walk back with hedgerow booty

Family snapshot

Fred the Head peers over the arm of the sofa


Max and our dep drummer Pete - the drummer from UK Subs - chat about gear