August Miscellany: The BBs and Nosher's Dad and Niece Visit - 24th August 2009

The BBs have a gig over in Stradbroke; Nosher and Isobel visit Wavy and see Boris the Kitteh's brother Morac ("Stripey Cat"); finally Nosher's dad and niece Emily come over to visit for the weekend.

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Rob twiddles some knobs

The other band on the bill do their sound check

Pete and Max have a laff outside

Boris the Kitteh explores the dishwasher

Fred the Head in his ineractive DJ box

Over near Wavy's, we eat a spot of maize

Wavy's cabin takes shape

Morac - Boris's brother - creeps around in the grass

Morac freaks out on Wavy's lap

Noughts and crosses with rocks

I iz in ur wine rack, drinkin ur wine

Isobel and The Boy with his new toddle truck

Fred stomps around the garden with his trundle truck

A Dutch-style barrel organ by the Mere in Diss

Organ ornament

Emily and The Old Chap pick elderberries

Elderberry picking: it's fiddly work

Fred the Head

The Old Chap, plus hat, wander about

Derelict building

Blackberry picking in the hedges near Church Farm

Abandoned farm equipment

Fred gets a pine cone from somewhere

Emily chucks sticky burrs on to Isobel

Isobel helps pick sloes

Bright red flower buds

Cracked earth

A lone ladybird trundles around the dry earth

Emily and Isobel walk back with hedgerow booty

Family snapshot

Fred the Head peers over the arm of the sofa

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Max and our dep drummer Pete - the drummer from UK Subs - chat about gear