April Misc: Wavy, Martina, Rachel and Sam Visit, Suffolk - 19th-27th April 2007

Weekend A, 19th/20th April and we stop by to see Wavy and Martina, and invite them over for a spring-time Sunday roast. Martina gets to listen to some Czech radio, courtesy of the Logitech Squeezebox Duet as we eat lunch. Then, the following weekend, Rachel, Sam and Lucy off of Cambridge come over for the weekend: Isobel's in town for a girls' night so gives them a lift over, and we do a spot of eating, and visiting Eye and Billingford windmill, and Lucy and Fred get to hang out for a bit.

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Martina spins Fred around

Wavy gets the Penny Farthing out for a spin

A saw-horse

Fred and Martina

Wavy and The Boy

Fred and Wavy visit the apple trees

Fred and Wavy amongst the apple blossom

Wavy and Martina eat a spot of lunch

Martina messes around with Wavy's wavy locks

Hanging around in the spring sunshine

Isobel and Lucy do 'Incy-wincy spider', as Sam and Rachel pick blossoms

Sam ponders

Lucy on the bench

Fred the Head with a Hat

Rachel, Sam and a heap of Indian food

The girls (and The Boy) inspect the field of oilseed rape by the house

A yellow field

Bright plastic pegs on a whirlygig washing line

Isobel in the apple blossom of the orchard

Eye church from the top of the castle

We look out over Eye and the Suffolk countryside from the top of the castle

The motte and bailey of Eye castle

An empty shop in Eye, with some interesting window reflections

The Swiss Massive walk past the newsagent's in Eye

Eye on a Sunday

Fred in a sling

Sam points up to some interesting woodwork on the Eye Guildhall

Billingford Windmill

Sam on Billingford heath

No Road Markings (except where there are). Billingford/A143 junction

Sam toasts a garden-based lunch

A Holly Blue butterfly alights on some flowers

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Martina spins Fred around