December Misc: Kitchens, Carols and Cambridge - 20th December 2008

Nosher's dad turns up for a couple of weeks to help de/re-construct the kitchen, which has turned up in the form of 40 boxes of mystery stuff. Later, it's time for the annual Christmas Carol thrash at Thandeston Church - Fred makes an appearance dressed up in natty Santa gear. Meanwhile, down Mill Road in Cambridge, the derelict building which, er, "caught fire", is in the process of being finished off.

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The Old Chap mills around the near-empty kitchen


It takes the best part of a day to dig out an old Parkray back-boiler from its bricked-in prison

Nosher angle-grinds a couple of steel pipes, in order to free the boiler

A new ceiling is installed

Up at Thrandeston, Paul despairs over the fact that 'In the bleak mid-winter' is not in the set



Jessica is passed over to Gran/Nan

Fred kicks off a bit

Claire points Jessica in the direction of the camera

Jessica and Claire share a joke

Uncle Phil does his Matthew-torment routine

Nosher and Fredster, back at the pad

Mill Road dereliction

The Mill Road burn-out is close to demolition

Wrecked brick pavement

Sunset and trees, between Wetherden and Haughley Green

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The Old Chap mills around the near-empty kitchen