A Sojourn in Roma, Italy Day 2: From pasta to the Vatican - 22nd July 2008

It's our first (and only) full (-ish) day in Rome. We start with a gentle wander in the vague direction on the "usual stuff" (i.e. Trevi Fountains, etc). As we do so, we happen upon a shop where a bunch of blokes are making fresh pasta. A quick "posso avare un photo, per favore?" gets Nosher the chance to see real past being made. Cool! We wander further and eventually decide to take the on/off open-top bus tour dealie, which at least means we can cover more ground without having to walk too far. And so we head off to the Colliseum (for a daylight visit), then on to the Vatican (although the Pope's out when we get there), and back, before we leave Rome and head up to Tuscany.

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Just up from the hotel, we stock up on water for the journey

A memorial to the struggle against Nazism

Nosher is amused that street furniture still bears the ancient Roman epithet 'Senatus Populus Que Romanus'

Pieter gets up close to a street cat

In the restaurant/shop, fresh pasta is made

Plates of lovely yellow ravioli are proudly shown off

A pasta-maker's tools

All the boys pitch in to help make the pasta

The four seasons, for 5 Euro

Isobel pauses, as Pieter visits a hat shop

A market

On a narrow street, the buildings are reflected in the windscreen and bonnet of a parked car

Buildings are reflected in a multi-faceted headlight

Gently-decaying buildings, which, for some reason, always look cool in the Med

A statue coyly peers around a corner

Statues watch over the square

Down and out in Rome 2: a street-dude with shades

A guy in a great old-school letterpress shop

Pavement art

Another sleeping homeless dude

Funky 50s-style sign: Bernini

One of a pair of bag-ladies pokes a smoking escaped coal from her pavement fire

Pieter lays back on the top deck of the bus

Il Colosseo - the Colosseum - with its mysterious holes-in-the-wall

Some 'Roman' centurions take a break, with a fag on the go and a tin-foil tray of takeaway, just like off of the Roman Empire

The back-side of the Colloseum

The Forum, by daylight

The River Tiber, as we head over to the Vatican

A herd of tour-groupists move as on on a tour

A mosaic of the Madonna

The sun is like a star above the obelisk in the centre of the Piazza (don't mind the dust specks)

A flock of Mexican school-children, in bright yellow, mill around

A photo from the single point at the focus of the collonade, where the three layers of columns appear as one

Some dude incongrusouly drives across the square (well, at least it's in a Fiat)

A pair of Vatican guards keep watch

A multitude of columns

Sitting alone with a bunch or marble

Four nuns stride across the Vatican piazza. One gives Nosher the hairy eyeball

Back on the tour: some Latin on a building - 'in honour of Mary the Virgin, Mother of God'

Many a shuttered window

An accidental long exposure somehow sums up the spirit of the Motoguzzi Massive as they scoot around Rome

An old Martini sign

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Just up from the hotel, we stock up on water for the journey