Hani and Anne's Post-Wedding Party, Cambridge - 2nd May 2008

It's the evening following Hani and Anne's wedding thrash at the Register Office in downtown Cambridge, so it's all round to theirs for a party and food.

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Ben and the Qualcomm massive talk about stuff

James W gets a slug of Champagne

More champagne is passed around; Ben from Taptu looks on

Anne and her mother sort out a large plate of Baclava-type stuff

Hani does his trademark pose

Hani and Anne play the 'who really does what' game's a good way of seeing who gets to open up the pressies

The assembled room

Hani and Anne in the hot-seat(s)

Anne does her trademark 'Timotei' hair thing

The cutting of the cake

Anne and Hani share a bite of cake

The view from the flat's window over the new 'Sponsored by Tesco' cycle bridge

A random far-too-long exposure shows a hint of James and Louise

Hani and Anne's family let loose a candle-lit balloon in to the night

Hani's dad watches the balloon disappear

Hani legs it up the stairs to his flat

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Ben and the Qualcomm massive talk about stuff