The reception, Hestley Green, Suffolk - 2nd Fecbruary 2008

It's the evening following Gov and Rachel's Wedding at Thorndon Church. The reception is being held at a barn in Hestley Green, just outside Thorndon. There's a disco, and also the welcome surprise that friends of Nosher's - The Harvs - are playing a couple of sets live from the balcony above the dance floor. Sue arranges a minibus to haul us all over from The Swan, which adds to the fun.

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Gov and Rachel get in an early dance

A long exposure gives a sense of movement

Dancing around the barn

Rachel and Gov

Rachel dances with a sprog as Clare and Mikey P look on

Rachel and her diminutive dance partner

Clare, Carmen and Isobel show some moves

Hands in the air

Na zdravi!

The room

Gov's parents

Dave Lock throws some really funky shapes

The view of the dancefloor

Ian 'The Harvs' Harvey tunes up

Liam gets ready for the second set up on the balcony

Marc takes a photo

Nosher does the trademark 'stupid face'

Bill is caught unawares

Rachel, er, gets a leg up

Marc steams in with some dance moves

Wavy has a go of the veil

Rachel shows a bit of leg

DH, Gov and Marc do a bit of a knees-up

A comedic expression from Gov

Rachel whirls around with DH in tow

Rachel and DH have a dance

Suey and Carmen

Gov flips out

Dancing to Status Quo

Mikey P takes Marc from behind, much to his surprise

Dave Lock and Marc point at something hysterical happening on the floor

Rachel is in the car

The crowd wait for the off

The car drives off

The bride's veil is left on a horse statue

A long exposure; blurred people

A comedy wedding-themed bottle stop

The following morning, and for no discerible reason, Nosher photographs his hand behind the skin of a Bodhrun

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Gov and Rachel get in an early dance