Apple-pressing and Harvest-time at Nosher's, Suffolk - 28th October 2007

Nosher, Isobel and Nosher's dad pick the year's apple crop, and a week or so later, Nosher and Iz take it down to Greenwood's Apples in Carleton Rode, near Attleborough for pressing. This year, it produces a staggering 133 bottles of superb juice. We also have a bash at a random demi-john of wine from the triffids^H^H^Hvines growing near the back door, and Iz picks the walnuts off the tree before the squirrels can steal them all.

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Iz surveys the apples

Trev Greenwood, the apple dude

Nosher's very-own apples (some in the foreground crates) get shredded and loaded in to the press

Meanwhile, the airlock on the random bottle of wine bubbles away furiously

Not sugar syrup, but some experimental fermenting red wine from the vines in the garden

Air-lock and demi-john

Walnuts in a bowl look like hard brains

Another view of walnuts

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Iz surveys the apples