Kilkee to Galway, West Coast, Ireland - 22nd September 2007

Following the party in Kilkee, and the wander around the cliffs, Nosher and Isobel leave the group and head off up the coast to Galway. There's no particular plan as such, so it's a bit of an amble. On the way, we manage to spot a derelict petrol station, get windswept on the beach at Lahinch and then just catch the last tour of the day in Aillwee caves. We fetch up in Galway later that day, and bagsy a room at the Jury's Inn before heading into the rainy town for a spot of fish 'n' chips, Guiness, Jameson & "red" and some live trad music in a back-street bar.

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Kilkee: a traditional shop

Derelict petrol pumps near Kilkee

More derelict petrol pumps

'The Man' has gone a bit mad with warning signs at Lahinch: no dressage, no riding motorbikes on cars, no tipping out the office shredder.

The rocky seafront at Lahinch

Iz wanders through the caves at Ailwee

A calcite waterfall

Some stalactites

Some of the bigger stalactites in Aillwee cave

The tour group stops to look at an underground waterfall

Milling around in the caves

A drizzly view of the Burren

An moo-cow traffic jam

The damp streets of Galway

McDonagh's fish'n'chip bar

More wet streets

Trad musicians in Green's Bar, Galway

Downstairs, there's another trad session occuring

Abandoned shop, Galway

Wooden boats at Galway

Hundreds of swans float about

Some dude feeds the swans

A swan has a drink

Colourful houses and the swans of Galway

Iz goes toe-to-toe with a swan

A purple crow-like bird

The Spanish Arch

Sad: lost or abandoned stuffed animals on a bench

Colourful buildings in Galway town centre

Some statue dude sits in frozen conversation with Oscar Wilde

In a music shop, Iz tries out a bit of bodhrun

A busker does his thing

On the way out of Galway: steps on the side of a big tank or silo

Funky building on the outskirts of Galway

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Kilkee: a traditional shop