Road-trip to Ireland - 21st-22nd September 2007

Nosher and Isobel do a trip to Ireland, but on account of trying to boycott the horror that is Ry-unfair, we decide to try out the ferry from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire. It's a fairly long way from Cambridge, so we stop off just outside Macclesfield in Cheshire for the night (on the off-chance that Nosher's dad might be in town, which he wasn't). The following day we visit Nosher's old home-town of Sandbach, before heading out past Chester and following the coast road through North Wales. There's another stop at Conwy to see the castle, a drive over the Menai Bridge and then a detour to South Stack, on Anglesey - a place Nosher first went to on a school trip in around 1977 - to look at the lighthouse.

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Isobel scopes out the wares on a W.I. stall in Sandbach Market

Scones and damson jam are procured

Sandbach's indoor market

An 1890 market sign

Isobel strides across the cobbled square in the middle of Sandbach, near the Saxon Crosses

Nosher's old school - Sandbach Grammar. My form-room was top floor, middle.

Isobel points out that Sandbach School is very 'Harry Potter-esque'

The town of Conwy in Wales

Iz wanders the castle walls

The imposing towers of Conwy Castle

Peering over the wall

The river at Conwy

A derelict garage in Conwy

Derelict garage with Conwy castle in the background

Thomas Telford's Menai suspension bridge

Telford's Bridge spans the Menai Straits between Wales and Anglesey

Heathland near South Stack lighthouse (which is just peeping over the cliff)

A crenelated bird hide

Some dude does a bit of rock climbing

South Stack Lighthouse

Dramatic cliffs at South Stack, Anglesey

The Stena catamaran ferry starts loading

In Dun Laoghaire, everything coming off the ferry is sprayed as a precaution against Foot and Mouth disease

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Isobel scopes out the wares on a W.I. stall in Sandbach Market