Nosher in Paris, France - 30th June 2007

Nosher's in Paris for the first time properly (previous visits include going around and through, but never actually stopping). This involves firstly a trip via Eurostar, from Waterloo. This is something of a downer, as nothing to date has been experienced which so totally fails to live up to the adverblurbs: it's not that the journey isn't fast and smooth, but the grungy waiting areas, cramped seating, lack of table lamp (well, lack of table full stop) and total lack of on-tap champagne put something of a damper out the outbound journey (the return is in business class, which is somewhat better). Cattle-class Eurostar is not much more than travelling via regular inter-city, just faster - the adverts just led one to expect so much more. Anyhoo, Paris is great - Nosher and old chum Sean are staying at the Hôtel Gabriel, which was chosen by Sean in passing reference to the fact that we're in town to see rock legends Genesis on the European leg of their reunion tour. Nosher's there first and does a fair bit of milling around before Send arrives at St. Lazare railway station. The day following the gig, we have a few more hours to explore...

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In the Cité, the Palaise de Justice

On a bridge, a golden Egyptian mummy gets some installation assistance

A couple of homeless dudes sleep under 'Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité'

Classic French-style signage for the Cité metro station

A nun surveys a statue outside Nôtre Dame

A statue wearily surveys the same thing its been looking at for a hundred years

In the gardens behind Nôtre Dame, artists are out in force

Giving it the finger, stone statue style

Near the cathedral, a Parisienne tat souvenir shop

One pigeon says to another: 'are your feet wet?'. The other says 'what feet?'

Every so often, a chance photo turns out a bit special: a sad street-dude sits alone and looks at a passing pigeon.

On the banks of the Seine, a troubadour

It's not just in Cambridge where bikes get mangled

A guuy picks a flower out

Sean's on the phone as we ride the rails on the Paris metro

The Eiffel Tower: it's bigger in real life than it looks on the telly

A wary-looking gold statue

A tat seller sells cheap Eiffel Towers under the shadow of the real thing

Sean does the tourist thing

Statues get their bits out

Some dude abseils off the Eiffel Tower

A fish-eye view of the tower

The intricate ironwork of the base of the Eiffel Tower

Some kind of memorial installation

The Eiffel Tower is framed by modern pillars of wisdom

Seans gurns through some sign-written glass

Nosher drinks a beer

Across the street, random stuff occurs at a bus stop

L'Hôtel des Invalides

A golden dome

The travelator on the metro is broken, so some girls decide to walk along the top instead

Corentin Celton, in Issy des Moulineaux

Corentin Celton metro station

Corentin Celton metro station's tiled ceiling

The Arc De Triomphe

Looking up the Champs Elysees

A crepiere does his thing

A homeless guy looks a little out of place on the wealthy boulevards of the Champs Elysees

Further down the Champs Elysees, a well-trained dog sits patiently on a box and charges a euro per photo

Sean slurps some lemon Fanta

The dogs owner moves out like a spider to chat to passers-by trapped by his cunning dog snare

Some dude pretends to have a slash

Rampant horses with gold harness

A happy-looking woman sits on some steps

The glass pyramid at the Louvre

On the banks of the Seine, a street market stall has a colourful display of postcards

The retro Cité Metro

Gare du Nord station. The Eurostar trains are on the left

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In the Cité, the Palaise de Justice