Suomenlinna, Finland - 12th June 2007

It's day 2 of the trip to Helsinki to see Genesis in concert and, with a few hours to spare before flying back to the UK, we head over by ferry to the island fortress of Suomenlinna - just a few miles away from Helsinki.

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A wooden house is slowly overrun by plants

Colourful painted wood

Some photos just have to be in colour

Electrical generators in the engine-room of a Finnish U-Boat

Diesel submarine engines

A fishing boat

Outdoor craft working

Making stuff: whatever it is, it's private

Another brick in the wall

Iz tells a duck off for being greedy

Quackers the duck really goes for it

Iz pauses for Nosher in a blue tunnel

Gently crumbling red plaster

A view of Helsinki's waterfront as the ferry returns

A crewman in what can only be described as the ferry's wing mirror

A small hut on the quayside

A market worker hauls an empty cart around

Multi-coloured tram

Balloons for Helsinki Day along Pohjoisesplanadi

A silver band plays tunes for the public

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