Helsinki, Finland - 11-12th June 2007

Prior to (and following) watching the return of legendary rock gods "Genesis" in the Olympiastadion, there's a little bit of time on our two-day trip to re-explore some of Helsinki...

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Just behind the Scandic Marski hotel right in the middle of Helsinki, a nice church

Tied to a post - a leather, stuffed, dog

Down Pohjoisesplanadi (The Esplanade) are a series of curious bronze statues

Iz scopes round in the Marimekko shop for some fabric

In Marimekko, glass shelves stacked with glasses, arranged in strict chrominance order

A bronze seal sontantly spouts water from its mouth

By the open-air market

Some dude plays accordion on the waterside

An obelisk

On one of the market stalls, fur hats are for sale

Stacks of colourful scaffolding boards

Dramatic wide-angle shot of the Lutheran Cathedral (with polarising filter, and no Photoshop)

Iz on the cathedral steps

A statue proclaims to the world from the roof of the cathedral

An impressive church organ

A gold candelabra hangs from the cathedral ceiling

Some guy talks to the pigeons

Cobbled pavement

Helsinki trams

At Café Esplanadi, we consume beer and giant pastries

A seagull gives up scrounging for food and flies off

We head out to the College of Design, and pass the famous Arabia factory

Iz meets up with old friend Paula

An Ikea-esque coloured building near the College of Design, Helsinki

Down in the college dungeons

Café chairs

A stubbed out cigarette

It's Helsinki Day

Random people in period dress, down on Esplanadi

A floating fish market

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Just behind the Scandic Marski hotel right in the middle of Helsinki, a nice church