Miscellaneous: Curries, Bjarne Stroustrup Nerd-fests and Monster Fish - 29th April 2007

A hodge-potch of events: Firstly, Marc (form work), in an echo of the legendary Donoghue versus Stephenson case where a snail was found in a bottle of ginger beer, finds a live slug lurking in his Tesco salad. We watch as the slug oozes around for a bit, before Nosher manages to gross everyone out by eating what's left (OK, not including the miscreant mollusc). Then, at the department of Pharmacology off Lensfield Road in Cambridge, Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of the programming language "C++", gives a talk on the evolution of the language, to a lecture-theatre packed with fellow nerds - it's always fun being at these sorts of gigs. Next, Isobel arranges a get-together at the Golden Curry on Mill Road for an evening of food; we watch the ducks on the Mere in Diss fight for lumps of bread with huge fish that rise up from the murky waters like so many Loch Ness monsters; finally, Isobel gets to grips with the garden...

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Some trees on the Science Park are nicely lit against a darkening sky

A sunset over the field next to Nosher's house

Soph-bags the cat mills around

A stray photo of the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park, New York

A slug roams around Marc's salad

A mini ex-Qualcomm re-union is held at the Green Dragon in Cambridge

Iz, Steve H, Stef, Nick C, Ben and Nick B talk about stuff

A night in the Kingston Arms

The Finningham White Horse gets a bit of a facelift

Proving how transient some things can be, the next day the Finningham White Horse is all covered up

How did this happen? Somehow, a skidding car manages to change direction abruptly (near Wetherden in Suffolk). Answers on a postcard...

Bjarne Stroustrup prepares for his lecture

Bjarne manages to get the word 'computation' appropriately projected across his person

Nerd stuff

More discussions on C++0x

Outside the department of Pharmacology: geeks disperse into the night

Hani stares at our new cluster


Sleepy cat: Soph-bags in (in)action

A get-together at the Golden Curry on Mill Road

Obligatory Cobra beers are consumed

tons of food arrives

Another brick in the wall: in Diss, near the newsagents at the Pump Hill end of town, every brick bears a carved name

Further along the graffiti wall in Diss: more carved names (including perennial favourite 'tomo')

A duck negotiates writhing fish on the Mere in Diss

A huge fish surfaces with gaping mouth, hoovering up morsels of bread

Scary-looking fish patrol the surface, and terrorize the ducks

Round Matt and Emma's, Matt applies sausages to the barbeque

In the kitchen, with paper-balloon lamp shades

Iz plants up some tomatoes

Back at Nosher's, Iz and Soph-bags lounge around

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Some trees on the Science Park are nicely lit against a darkening sky