Walking Around on Dartmoor, Devon - 7th April 2007

Nosher and Isobel are down in Devon to visit (firstly) Mother and Mike near Yelverton. As it's such amazing weather, it would be a tragedy to miss a chance to run up to the top of Sheepstor, near Burrator Resevoir and look at the scenery for a while

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Striding up the path towards Sheepstor

Half-way up Sheepstor

A scattered field of granite chunks

Stopping for a swig of water at the top of Sheepstor

Nosher and Isobel at the top of Sheepstor

Overlooking Burrator Resevoir

Looking north over Dartmoor from the top of Sheepstor

Gnarly trees

We wander through the pine forest around the edge of Burrator

A tree is covered by tangles of parasitic foliage

Unfurling ferns

A dead fallen tree in the forest

A pine cone on a tree stump

Water Boatmen scoot around on the river at Cadover Bridge

Blossoming gorse

The bridge at Postbridge

Postbridge's 13th-century clapper bridge, constructed by tin miners

A flower of some sort

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Striding up the path towards Sheepstor