Manhattan by Air, New York - 29th March 2007

After a few days walking around Manhattan at street level (or even lower, in the subway), it's time to try a different view, courtesy of the helicopters that do 15-minute tours from their base on 30th Street and 12th Avenue at the Westside Heliport. The flights are short but spectacular - we opt for a longer one, which takes us down the Hudson River over Liberty Island, around to the bottom of the East River, back up along the west side past Central Park, up to the George Washington Bridge for a turn-around and a return to home.

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Our whirly-bird waits on its pad

The Statue of Liberty, with New Jersey in the background

Iconic view of downtown Manhattan, with the Brooklyn Bridge to the right

Coming round the back of Liberty Island

Governor's Island, the East River and Brooklyn Bridge

The financial district

Battery Park (bottom) and the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges

In the middle of the financial district, the gaping hole where the Twin Towers used to be

The lower west side, and the Empire State Building

Another view of the Empire State Building

Central Park and the Onassis-Kennedy Resevoir

A football field

An interchange in Harlem

Isobel in the helicopter

A pilot's-eye view

Final approach to the Westside Heliport

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Our whirly-bird waits on its pad