Cheerleaders and Basketball, Madison Square Garden, New York - 29th March 2007

To round of an action-packed day, Nosher and Isobel decide to see if there is a "game" on at Madison Square Garden. It turns out that there is: it's the final of college basketball's National Invitation Tournament (the NIT), between South Carolina's Clemson University (The Tigers) and West Virginia University (The Mountaineers). And because it's college basketball (and not some pro game) the camera is even allowed in. Isobel, meanwhile, gets to tick off another item on the "list of American Icons" as she orders us a couple of goot-long chilli/cheese dogs to eat whilst we watch. There's much entertainment too, as each side's cheerleaders and brass bands take it in turns to out-do each other during the many intervals and time-outs.

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The players (in this case Clemson) come on to the court

Cheerleader action

Clemson's cheerleaders, in purple spandex

In the run of play

A WVU fan with WVU deely-boppers

More impressive cheerleader moves

The giant UFO that is the roof of Madison Square Garden lands on the court

Time out. Check the tubas of Clemson's brass band in the background

Long exposure 'action shot'

The players are a blur near WVU's basket

West Virginia's cheerleaders certainly go in for the acrobatic stuff

The ball is in mid-air on its way to the basket

Another demonstration of WVU balancing. The official hugs his ball, seemingly bored

Defending the net

A media frenzy breaks out at the end of the game (won by West Virginia)

The crowd stands up to applaud the game

Each winning player takes it in turns to cut out a string from the net

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The players (in this case Clemson) come on to the court