The East Village, Manhattan, New York - 28th March 2007

It's time for a trip down to Katz's famous delicatessen, on Houston Street in the East Village, for a couple of their humungous pastrami sandwiches. Neither Nosher or Isobel are quite able to actually finish them off, sadly (although Isobel does manage to request some extra dill gherkins). From there, it's a bit of a mill back up towards Union Square to veg out in the park for a bit. There are also a few random photos from near our Portland Hotel base in midtown, and a walk up to Bryant Park

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Katz's Deli: 'Senda salami to your boy in the army'

The woman on the adjacent table ask, incredulously - gee, are you taking a photo of your sandwich? Well, it was rather large

The exterior of Katz's Delicatessen on Houston Street

Random newspaper boxes on Allen Street

Funky shops in the East Village

Another of those ubiquitous Apple ads, and a couple of mail boxes

Isobel reads a bit of the 'Village Voice'

Fire escapes and a skip - it's the 'Best Way'

Life in an East Village laundrette

Isobel reads a bit about 9/11 outside the front of Engine Company No. 5's station

More East Village shops

Isobel removes her feet in Union Square park

Conspiracy Theory 101 in Union Square

A couple of girls pretend to be lifeguards

Everywhere, film students are filming stuff

Entertainment from an old guy flogging magic vegetable peelers near Union Square

Down by the site of Ground Zero, someone has modified the 'i' and part of the 'l' to resemble the Twin Towers

In a bar on around 49th and 8th Avenue - beer pumps

Isobel chooses a pair of sunglasses

Bryant Park, and the back of the New York Public Library

Isobel in Bryant Park, with New-York-purchased hat and shades

The front of New York's Public Libary, immortalised in the film 'The Day After Tomorrow'

Iz on the steps of the public library

One of the public library's lions

Over at school-chum Phil's house, lounging around on his new motor boat

Phil and Iz discuss stuff

Kai waves a stick around as Iz plays a bit of piano

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Katz's Deli: 'Senda salami to your boy in the army'