Central Park Half Marathon, New York - 25th March 2007

We make full use of Nosher's last couple of months' membership of Virgin Atlantic's "Flying Club Gold" as we book an economy flight to New York: this gives Nosher, plus Isobel, access to the famous lounge (which, naturally, involves getting there at least three hours before the flight) and the chance for a pre-flight haircut, a shoe-shine, food and free champagne (man, I'm going to miss this...). Once we arrive, the first whole day in New York invloves walking from the Marriott Upper East Side (which is also courtesy of cashed-in acculmulated "reward" points), across a few blocks to the north-east end of Central Park (near the Onassis resevoir). We immediately happen upon some kind of fun run/marathon thing, which turns out to be one of those women-only gigs like the UK's "Run for Life" (although in half- and full-marathon style). So we follow the track around, whilst constantly on the scope for some suitable morning food (like a hot-dog or a pretzel or something) and get a bit of a look at Central Park

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Izzy gets her hair cut by Hannah of 'Bumble and Bumble' in the Virgin lounge

Coolest haircut location ever: watching the planes as your hair gets shorter

The 60s/70s/post-modern Virgin Upper Class Lounge (Iz spots Peaches Geldof milling around)

View of planes from the lounge 'roof-top garden'

An American Airlines 777 heavy taxis to the gate

Funky funiture in the Virgin lounge

Iz chooses some food from the menu

Nosher: the boy in the bubble

In New York: decorated building on 3rd Avenue

Iz pauses to wait for the ever-photographing Nosher

Mayoral memorial

Looking over the Onassis resevoir to Central Park West

Some musical dudes entertain the runners

One of Central Park's many roller-bladers (although a little older than average)

A runner grabs a Gatorade

Iz stops to chat to a dog

Trees in Central Park

No shit, Sherlock

A spectator says 'Cheer for my Mamma (Mary)'

Spot the dog: a rat-on-a-rope in a handbag

A mountain lion is poised to leap on a passing runner (mmm, tasty people snack...)

A bronze statue celebrating Alice in Wonderland in Central Park

The 'Alice in Wonderland' statue

A big pond

Runners wrap themselves in plastic bags

A million 'space blankets'

A bagel bar just south of Columbus Circle

The pizza guy flings his dough around

A small dog with perky ears looks pitiful as it's tied up outside the bagel store

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Izzy gets her hair cut by Hannah of 'Bumble and Bumble' in the Virgin lounge