Midtown Manhattan Miscellany, New York - 26th March 2007

Getting around New York seems to involve at least a million miles of walking: in this set, we wander down from Times Square to Madison Square Park (near the Flatiron Building) and then head off west, to pass an outdoor Flea Market.

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Isobel is overwhelmed by the scale of Times Square

A 10mm fisheye lens provides a neat vanishing-point effect

Office buildings reach for the sky

On almost every street corner, some sort of filming is going on

Some guys hails a cab

The U.S. Army recruiting station in Times Square

Classic steam vent in action

Many buildings show the remains of ancient advertising

Random street furniture: a dead air-conditioning unit

Isobel walks past some fly-postered hoardings

A guy sounds like a one-man parade of makeshift percussion instruments. The woman passes by, unimpressed

Post No Bills, on a nice blue hoarding

A wall offers a silent plea to the now-departed occupants of this shop

A homeless dude

A woman gives her soppy dog a scratch

Isobel does the Inuit thing

A guy plays guitar in Madison Square Park

A bearded homeless guy rummages in the bins for sustenance

A statue of some dude who looks a bit like Lenin

Isobel eats her first-ever Hot Dog in Madison Square Park

Boyz 'n' the Hood

A bleach-haired dreaklocked dude and boxes of vinyl records

Manhattan Flea Market

A graffiti'd wall, and lots of strange heads

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Isobel is overwhelmed by the scale of Times Square