The Upper East Side and some Midtown Miscellany, New York - 25th March 2007

Nosher and Isobel head over to New York for a week, and courtesy of free Marriott hotel points, end up staying in the Upper East Side of Manhattan (on 92nd and 1st) for the first few nights.

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A view of the Empire State building from 34th and 9th, outside B&H photo store

A 'Don't block the box' sign is routinely ignored. The cops turn up and a passer by shouts 'stop blockin' the gawdamn crawss-bawx' at the traffic

A wooden Caddilac

On the street, a strange burnt-out electrical artefact

Neon shop sign

Amusing sign: 'We cure our own corned beef. Our chicken soup cures everything else'

Fire hydrants with sit-down-prevention spiky bits added

A water-test station has been sprayed bright silver

Someone's previous night's dinner is left in a phone box

The entrance to Grand Central Terminal station

Isobel (right) looks a little lost in the grand hall of Grand Central Terminal station

View from the hotel room

In a nearby bar, we get chatting to the bartender, Amy.

We get to play stick game with one of the locals

Isobel plays a shot

Isobel feels the need for a post-beer slice of 'Joe's Pizza'

Isobel crosses 2nd Avenue

24hr store on 2nd Avenue

On 5th Avenue, near the south-east corner of Central Park, we visit the Apple 'flagship' store

Near Central Park, a million taxis cross the intersection

A funky green scuplture/blob reflects tall buildings

Isobel has a hot dawg

St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th

The nave of St. Patrick's Cathedral

Stained glass

Another view of the nave of St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's cathedral door

Isobel gets a make-over in Macy's department store

Hot Dog stand

A big truck hauls rubble around

On Bryant Park, near the rear of the New York Public Library, the sign is suitably descriptive

A Hassidic dude gets a shoe-shine

Hallway in Grand Central Terminal

Wide-angle view of the main concourse of Grand Central Terminal

Down in the subway on 42nd Street, some break dancers are once more doing their thing

The 28th Street subway sign

On a New Yoprk subway train

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A view of the Empire State building from 34th and 9th, outside B&H photo store