Cambridge Dereliction - 18th March 2007

It's the day after Isobel's house warming party. Nearby, on the roundabout at the junction of Perne Road and Radegund Road there are a couple of shops which happen to be surrounded by a whole heap of derelict buildings. This seems strange in itself as properties in Ca,bridge are ridiculously expensive, so it's a wonder why they're in such a state. Anyway, Nosher feels compelled to take a few photos. Afterwards, Isobel, Nosher and the Dublin Massive head off for a walk up Mill Road. On the way are some more examples of modern alienation, dereliction and graffiti

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Delerict house on the end of Radegund Street, Cambridge

Wrecked building

Just a couple of window panes remain un-smashed

The gas meter pleads in vain to be handled with care

Graffiti on a noticeboard. What's in it for you?

On the other side of the shops, more derelict buildings

Rubbish dumped into a hedge

A fairly common sight in Cambridge: a wrecked bicycle

A completely broken Crittall steel window looks out on to wreckage

The Dublin Massive wander up Birdwood Road

Graffiti: 'Our democracy means you get to choose your own war criminal'

Behind a bus shelter on Mill Road: a ton of discarded beer cans

Snogging graffiti on a fire exit

Monument in Mill Road Cemetery

Nicely worn gravestone (even though it's not that old) in Mill Road cemetery

Noddy looks at musical bits

In the Free Press pub

Light falls on to the floor of the Free Press pub

Strange chimneys

Colourful graffiti

Isobel gives her chili tree a shower

Isobel picks up a fantastic 1920s wind-up gramophone

The pick-up of the Fullotone gramaphone employs a sharpened panel pin

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Delerict house on the end of Radegund Street, Cambridge