Countryside Scenes and Qualcomm Misc, Cambridge and Suffolk - 19th January 2007

A round-up of several things: Jon Kies from San Diego is visiting Qualcomm Cambridge, and comes out for a few beers with some of the QC graphics team, down to The Vaults on Trinity Street; the Qualcomm building on the Cambridge Science Park suffers a bit of wind damage; there's some flooding on the meadows near Thornham Magna in Suffolk; bulrushes and the pond on Mellis Common; some random scenes from the Science Park and Cambridge; an intense sunset near Cotton in Suffolk

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Janet, James and an escaping Anne in The Vaults

Anne in traditional pose, and Jon Kies from SD

An unremarkable photo, other than the fact that it was taken hand-held at two seconds exposure. Pentax shake-reduction rules!

Roof panels dangle over the entrance to QC Cambridge

Fluffy clouds and flooded meadows, Thornham Parva

No chance of drought for these trees

Sunlight dances and sparkles on the flood waters

A curiously-shaped lone tree in a ploughed field, Thornham

A few dead leaves cling to otherwise-bare branches

Bullrushes surround a pond on Mellis Common, Suffolk

The new 10-20mm fish-eye lens gets a work-out: Mellis Common, Suffolk

Soph-bags looks pitiful

Winter warmth: the glowing ceramic elements of Isobel's gas fire

Atrocious grammar courtesy of South Norfolk District Council: 'We as sorry of any inconvenience caused'. Wtf?

Misty sodium lights in QC Cambridge's car park

The bright lights of a fairground ride on Cambridge Leisure Park: one ticket to oblivion

A giant light-blub snowman in Cambridge Leisure Park

The 'Monet' bridge in the middle of Cambridge Science Park

Frosted leaves

Bright orange sunset at Cotton, Suffolk

Two trees in the light mist. The boughs of the one on the left point perfectly south

The sky reddens

Back home, the remains of the day

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Janet, James and an escaping Anne in The Vaults