Brussels by Night, and a Belgian Bike Ride - 1st January 2007

Nosher and Isobel are in Brussels for New Year's Eve, but before that all kicks off (and the day after) there's time to roam around the old town at night (and try a few bars and beers out). On New Year's Day, Nosher, Pieter and Natan head out for a spot of bike riding around the nearby Royal Park.

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Pieter does a spot of washing up whilst preparing dinner

In Brussels' City Centre, an ironic (hopefully) army recruitment poster: 'Join now and get your first-class ticket to Iraq!'

La Malcour bar, where we've stopped for a beer or two

Stacked chairs outside La Malcour bar

Tall stained-glass windows in the nearby cathedral are nicely lit from inside

Highly ornate cathedral entrance archway

Sparkly illuminated trees in Brussels

Isobel on a Brussels tram

Making pasta

Just before midnight, we head over to the 'big house' for pudding

Dirk attends to the ice-cream cake

Pieter plays a spot of grand piano

Dirk waves around a bottle of hybrid champagne/beer

Jules and Peter's pad

Natan, Pieter and a heap of bikes

Giving Natan a helping hand up a hill of gravel

Kings of the hill

The old barge that used to serve a now-burned-down café on a nearby island lies in crumpled ruins

Pieter teaches Natan how to do wheelies

Natan pushes his bike up a hill

Another derelice and burnt-out former café

Natan and Pieter peer inside the derelict building

Bricks and staircases in a derelict café

A message for the local constabulary

The Christmas Market by night

L'Hôtel de Ville in Brussels' Grand'Place, lit up as part of 'Electrabel Nights'

More illuminated buildigs in the Grand Place

Spotlights and colourful buildings

Dancing snowflakes made of light

A purple-lit Corn Exchange

Brussels bar life

Inside Café Kafka

Pieter drinks beer; Isobel falls asleep

A photo of Isobel taken with a 21-year-old Pentax 50mm lens on a brand new K10D, just to prove that it can (Canon? Nikon? Pfft!)

Lost in translation: in Belgium, 'Jaws' is amusingly translated as 'The Teeth of the Sea'

An appropriately-graffiti'd Belgian post box

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Pieter does a spot of washing up whilst preparing dinner