A Buddhist Temple in Nanjing, China - 7th October 2006

On the last day of working in Nanjing, in the eastern Jiangsu Province of China, there's a chance during lunchtime to explore the Buddhist temple next door. The temple itself was rebuilt in the 70s or 80s following its destruction during the Cultural Revolution in 1959, and it remains a working temple - a few monks are occasionally spotted roaming about the buildings.

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A few views of the temple as we enter the compound

Inside one of the temple's several rooms, local Buddhists chant and pray

A golden deity rides an elephant

In the walls, around the entire building, are thousands of miniature Buddhas

Buddha and the elephant

A golden column

The temple is surrounded by slightly run-down suburbs

Colleague Ashish spins the Buddhist prayer wheels, spinning prayers out into the world

Ashish mills around in a courtyard

An impressive decorated ceiling

Top right is the office Nosher is stationed in for the week - other QC colleague Zhang's back can be seen

In a courtyard, four people discuss the issues of the day

In another temple, another golden statue (which had temple rats running around)

A candle burns

Solidified molten wax from a thousand candles

One of our local Chinese colleagues roams around on the way out

The front entrance to the temple

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A few views of the temple as we enter the compound