Wan Chai and Central, Hong Kong, China - 2nd-3rd October 2006

On the way to Nanjing in China, Nosher stops off in Hong Kong for a day to sort out a visa. In the morning, there's a chance to hang out at Lan Kwai Fong market near Central, and later on there's time for further wanderings around Central's Mid Levels, as well as a revist to Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram fernicular railway. Since my last visit, the building at the top of the railway has been rebuilt to house what seems like 50 floors of tat (it takes about as long going up the escalators as it does getting there in the first place). The view from the top is somewhat hazy, but it's still always worth seeing. The flight to Nanjing was at around 6pm, so there's no time to do anything else

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The neon lights round the bay near the convention centre at Wan Chai

Outside the convention center, street stalls sell 100%-original DVDs and CDs

A boy fishes in the harbour, backlit by neon

Wan Chai ferry terminal

Desolate retail premises

A cardboard cutout of Jackie Chan stares out from behind a security grating

An inconveniently-closed convenience store

Somewhere in the Mid Levels of Central

The streets are quiet early in the morning

Tunes, Booze, People: says it all really

Looking down on Lan Kwai Fong market from a Mid=Level Escalator

A woman carrying stuff. Behind, bamboo scaffolding clads a building

Stick no bills

A brightly decorated restaurant

A street stall barely conceals a pair of fake plastic breasts

An old guy does a spot of sewing

In Central, people wait to cross over the busy street

A guy hauls around some kind of small tree in a trolley, in front of an oncoming tram

The iconic Bank of China building

A random Hong Kong wedding takes places near the park and Peak Tram station

At the top of Victoria Peak - a classic view over Hong Kong and Kowloon in the hazy distance

Tourists on the peak

Some of the million escalators in the rebuilt viewing building/tram station

An incoming fernicular train (the Peak Tram) comes in with another load of tourists

The perplexing mystery of Hong Kong's missing jackets is solved as word spreads that they've been hoarded by a British dry-cleaners

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The neon lights round the bay near the convention centre at Wan Chai