Two Days in Barcelona, Spain - 22nd-23rd September 2006

Nosher and Isobel had been over to the Roussillon vineyards of Southwest France to do a spot of grape picking and generally hang out. Following a few days as sometime viticulturists, we head up to Carcasonne and then down to Barcelona for a few days. However, upon arrival, we discover that the whole of Barcelona is booked up on account of some festival, so we end up only staying for a night before retreating to Girona. There's still time though to roam around the area near Las Ramblas and brave the ever-heaving crowds.

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Isobel gets a bit freaked by the noise coming from a passing demonstration on La Rambla - '125 years for what?'

Colourful ceramic pots for sale on La Rambla

An old couple dance in the street

Isobel looks whistful outside the Bar Glaciar in Plaça Réia

A customer of Bar Glaciar spots Nosher taking photos and sticks his tongue out

Cafés and collonades

Inside a small, local, tapas restaurant in the backstreets of Barcelona

People stream by in Plaça Réia


Isobel chats to some random chatty dude we are sitting next to

Plaça Réia is heaving with people dancing to a live band

Street busker on La Rambla

Random streaks of light from shuttered shops as we speed around Barcelona in a taxi

More long exposure fun from the window of a taxi

Outside a restaurant is a box containing a million headless shiny silver fish

Strange goings-on involving feet and talcum powder

Stopping for a coffee

Back on La Rambla, a group of traditionally dressed musicians and some shy kids

A woman in a striking gold dress, posing as Cleopatra, sits and waits on La Rambla

More traditional dress

A guy with oversized novelty sunglasses

Nice building detail: a copper phallus

Graffiti around the edge of La Rambla market

Hundreds of Spanish sausages

Having a laugh whilst selling fruit and veg

Colourful fruit and hanging bananas

More hanging sausages

A nice selection of random foods

The artichoke woman looks at a customer sternly

Silver mackarel

More graffiti

Sweet and poignant graffiti: triste = sad

A glum-lloking Spanish gentleman gives Nosher the hairy eyeball

Chinese dragon and an umbrella sticking out of a wall

Dancing in the rain in Plaça Réia

Wet flagstones and the reflection of chairs

We briefly meet up with Janet and James (from Cambridge) for a beer

Over-exposed, but I like the expression on the face of the smoking dude

A heavily-graffiti'd doorway

Isobel and a tapas bar

In the Gothic quarter, a harpist entertains passers-by

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Isobel gets a bit freaked by the noise coming from a passing demonstration on La Rambla - '125 years for what?'