Carcassonne, France - 21st-22nd September 2006

The second major part of a week away finds Nosher and Isobel deep in the department of Aude, in southwest France, at the restored mediaeval walled city of Carcassonne - a place Nosher hadn't been to since the age of around 13 or 14. It was one of those "turn up and find somewhere" moments, and so after parking the car and finding the tourist office, we eventually secure a night at a reasonably-priced hotel which ends up being only about 200 yards from the main entrance to La Cité, at Porte Narbonnaise - result! Naturally, I'd forgotten much about the place, in particular just how big the whole thing is. Inside in the old town, a lot of it is by default quite touristy, but it's still an attractive town, and the walls and towers are still pretty stunning. We return in the evening, after most of the tourist hordes have drifted away, and find the old city much quieter - Isobel even gets to eat local delicacy Cassoulet at the pleasant restaurant we end up in for the evening.

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In a Carcassonne back street, a Vespa moped covered in stickers

Isobel scopes around in a biscuit/confectionery shop

Inside the Basilique Saint-Nazaire

Some of the windows in the Basilique St. Nazaire - said to be the best in southern France

Saint Nazaire stained glass

Isobel peers out through an arrow slit

Overlooking the old town which sits west of La Cité

Isobel, dwarfed by the towers and walls near the Porte d'Aude

In one of the many shops, a cute wooden model of Carcassonne

Café tables

Isobel and Nosher have a beer

A closed café

Autumn leaves drift around a carousel

Later that evening, we head back into La Cité, which is nicely lit up

Some accidental filtering adds to the colour of the sky

Empty Carcassonne streets by night

A couple drink red wine and look stern

Interesting heads peek out from the stone wall

Isobel sits on a monument

Looking out over the Eglise Saint-Gilmer, west of Carcassonne

Isobel peeps out of the window at the Château Comtal

Isobel in part of the wooden shuttering around the battlements, used to drop things on invading miscreants

In the museum in the Chateau Comtal, a nice carving

A group of tourists mills around in the Chateau Comtal

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In a Carcassonne back street, a Vespa moped covered in stickers