Qualcomm Cambridge's Summer Circus Thrash, Cambridge - 18th August 2006

Qualcomm has a bit of a summer do in the grounds of Churchill College, Cambridge (at the Møller Centre). In between the occasional shower, there's time for face painting, eating (with enough left over to feed the office for a week, if we'd taken it all away after in a doggy bag or something), practicing circus skills and a demonstration of fire-eating and sucklike from Julian the Juggler and Pepé the Clown from Circus Unlimited [warning: gaudy Web 0.9 site].

next album: Big Spiders, Norwich Science Fest and Kingston Arms, Cambridge - 5th September 2006
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Lucy gets her face painted, and a bit of lip gloss for the finishing touch

Lucy and Lucy's brother

Isobel concentrates hard

Pepé the Clown

Isobel has a go at juggling clubs

Pepé roams around on stilts

Nosher tries (and fails) to walk on stilts. But it looks so easy...

Pepé and James juggle

More Pepé juggling

Isobel and Ryan leap about like mad things in the bouncy castle

Tim and Mrs. Tim

Pepé's bubble-fest

Face painted

The boy in the bubble

Isobel plays around with Nadine-sprog

Nick munches his way through a heap of tasty crustaceans

Cute photo of Nicksprog 2

Nicksprog 2 roams about the floor

Julian, James and Kat practice their 'skills'

Isobel gets a bit of artwork applied

Outside, everyone huddles under the gazebo to escape passing precipitation

Isobel's completed face

Martin D and Julian chat

Andrea and her daughter

Flying rubber chickens

Julian the Juggler and Pepé the Clown continue their double-act

Juggling with flaming batons

A spot of fire eating

Pepé unicycles an almost-unique three-wheeled (vertically stacked) machine

Kat has a bit of a face-paint moment too

James wanders over to retrieve Martin's crashed kite

Running around with a treasured collection of balloons

Isobel tests out a plastic bow and a party blower

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Lucy gets her face painted, and a bit of lip gloss for the finishing touch