Dublin by Night, and more Blackrock Village, Ireland - 11th-13th August 2006

After a day of lunch at The Purty Kitchen, in Dun Laoghaire, Nosher and Isobel head off for the evening into Dublin's city centre to meet up with a few people and drink Guiness. After wandering around for a bit, we walk through the "Stag and Hen-night capital" of Temple Bar, to marvel at the roaming gangs of pissed (English) revellers, mostly seemingly in the guise of police women (with inflatable dolls in tow). We leave them to their classy antics and end up in Doyle's for beer, followed by a slice of pizza at the place owned by Huey out of the Fun Lovin' Criminals (apparently so he could ensure he could get Noo Yoik-style pizza whenever in town). The next day, it's time for another dog walk (which is just as well as something is needed to burn of the huge number of additional calories taken in) in Blackrock park, where Isobel notices a bunch of her old school-mates playing 4-a-side kickabout, and then spots family friend Pat Flynn, who is only too happy to have his photo taken (and it transpires that he is frequently asked the same by passing young foreign cycling girls, which he doesn't seem to mind too much)

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On the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) into the City Centre

In the grounds of Trinity College, Dublin - a cool sphere sculpture

Isobel mills around by one of the main entrances to Trinity College

The Gaiety Theatre

Isobel perches on a bench to wait whilst Nosher takes yet another photo

Temple Bar

Crowds throng the streets

A really good slide-guitar busker does his thing

A little street runs off down to the River Liffey

Meanwhile, the slide guitar busker carries on

Back alley in Temple Bar, Dublin

More crowds throng the streets of Dublin

A horse-and-trap hauls tourists about

Nosher's pint of Guiness has a smiley face on it

Doyle's Bar, Dublin

Pizza in DiFontaine's, Dublin

Isobel, Mafé Barry and Isobel eat pizza

More pizza consumption in DiFontaine's

Striking night-time photo of the River Liffey, Dublin

Back in Blackrock Park, there's an abandonned band-stand

Bandstand roof

Isobel communicates with Oscar

In the pond, someone has dumped a shopping trolley

Some of Isobel's school chums play kickabout

Isobel's birthday bouquet

Oscar looks baleful

The fantastic craggy face of Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn chats to us for a while

Some colourful spray paint on a rock wall

Isobel poses for another pesky photograph by the railway line

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On the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) into the City Centre